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23 April 2020 - by EcoNusa

Covid-19 global pandemic has forced the world to take unimaginable measures and actions. Covid-19 has infected populations in 210 countries. Based on updated data of World O Meters on 22 April 2020, there are more than 2.5 million peoples are positively infected by Covid-19 and more than 170,000 died. In Indonesia, there have been 7,418 peoples are positive with Covid-19 and reported 635 death tolls.  


Similarly, it happened to the eastern parts of Indonesia. The Land of Papua is one of regions in Indonesia with large numbers of indigenous peoples with Covid-19-prone areas. There have been 123 peoples reported with Covid-19 positive in Papua Province and 8 in West Papua. We could hardly overlook the figure noting that there are more than 300 native tribes live in the Land of Papua residing in forests, mountains, coastal areas and islets.


The indigenous community is deemed the most vulnerable to Covid-19. Their communal lifestyle with high dependency on community members make them susceptible. Access to health, limited health facilities and remote condition for health workers to perform duty increases risk of fatality.


Spokesperson of Covid-19 Task Force for Papua, Silwanus Sumule, said that Papua has fallen short of resources to cope with Covid-19. There are only seven lungs specialists’ medical doctors in Papua. There are 200 isolation rooms at the entire hospitals but only 2 meets the WHO standards. Besides, there are only 60 ventilators available as respiratory devices.


In addition to health impact, Covid-19 also affects the community economy of Papuan peoples. The rapid measures of the regional government to close down transportation access has increased the staple food prices. Ecotourism practices managed by the local community stop. They go back to their former activities such as gardening or fishing. Tourism as the main livelihood stops operating.


Anton, an initiator of Papuan Women Cooperative, told EcoNusa the impact of the pandemic to the community. As to him, the community should bear the economic impact due to the halted trading activity including 1,000 bunches of bananas in Kaimana Regency that could not be transported. Covid-19 also massively impacts the coastal communities, peoples in remote forest areas and islets in eastern Indonesia.


Community protection and supports to health workers in the Land of Papua and other regions in the other parts of eastern Indonesia are the most important things to do now. They are on the front battle to save people with culture and history that love nature as if their mother. For the reason, EcoNusa Foundation calls every people to take parts and help ensure the health workers get personal protective equipment (APD) and preventive measures by distributing health masks to protect communities in the forests, coastal areas and islets. Donations will be provided to indigenous forest people and coastal communities in Maluku and Tanah Papua.



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