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Defending Paradise

The land of Papua and the Maluku Islands are the home of cenderawasih, the birds of paradise. Birds of paradise are not only part of the chain of life in the rainforest of Papua and the Maluku Islands, but also symbols of tradition, philosophy of life, and cultural identity rooted in the lives of indigenous peoples. Unfortunately, birds of paradise are facing real threats. These birds are losing their homes, the tropical rainforests in the paradise lands of Papua and Maluku. Deforestation, expansion of large-scale plantations, mining and land clearing wrapped in uncivilized greed threaten the birds of paradise and the entire natural ecosystems that are the main support for the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and the world’s climate.


EcoNusa in collaboration with Cornell Lab of Ornithology is holding a campaign to preserve Tanah Papua and Maluku Islands tropical rainforests as habitat for birds of paradise, which are protected animals. The existence of birds of paradise is a sign that the tropical rainforest in the eastern Indonesian archipelago is still standing up straight and providing life, contributing to the balance of the world’s climate and life on Earth.


The protection of the birds of paradise and their habitat needs our collective support!

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Protect the Bird-of-Paradise Habitat With Us!


Currently, 150 people already support this campaign.

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