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Indigenous community work to build local initiatives on tourism

The Eastern Indonesia regions have natural resources and culture as noteworthy potentials. For the reason, the government is in collaboration with many parties, including nongovernmental organization and local stakeholders to facilitate community-based economic development program while exploring those potentials in support of sustainable development realization. 


As part of the eastern regions of Indonesia, the total of forests cover in the Land of Papua is 33,710,523.22 hectares, ranging from mangrove on the coastal lines up through to rainforests in the mountain with fascinating landscape as the habitat of distinctive fauna. The sea also provides potential richness. As to LIPI research (2007), there are 450 types of coral reef as the sea fauna in Raja Ampat in West Papua which is deemed the largest in Indonesia. Not to mention the species of fish. The Land of Papua with its richness, local wisdom and natural resources has provided livelihood to the indigenous people who protect and depend their lives on the nature from generation to generation. One way to get the benefit of the natural resources is by ecotourism. Ecotourism can preserve the existing natural resources without any exploitation. 


In this light, EcoNusa Foundation works in cooperation with the local government and indigenous community to collect best practices on ecotourism management which is sustainable and equitable as those done by the indigenous people of Papua. They get benefit from the nature to meet their daily needs while conserving them so as to provide livelihood to the next generations. EcoNusa Foundation will build networks among ecotourism players to build their capacity on ecotourism management in the Land of Papua. The network will serve as the learning tool among ecotourism players in Papua while promoting tourism destination which provide wider spectrum on Papua to tourists. The organization provides assistance to the indigenous Papuans to identify the needs and challenges for ecotourism management quality and marketing network development. 

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