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Jumbo Crab Hunting in Mandoni Village, Fakfak Regency

The southern coast of West Papua has the largest mangrove ecosystem in Indonesia which is rich in biodiversity such as fish, crabs, and shellfish. In addition to protecting the village from big waves, mangrove forests are a source of livelihood for local indigenous people. Only by looking for mangrove crabs, Mama Maryam can send the island outside to graduate from college. Maintaining mangrove sustainability means saving people living in the Indonesian Coast region.

Kelim Moi Tribe, Our Forest Is Our Life

More than 250 indigenous groups in the Land of Papua, with unique and different languages. Most of the indigenous tribes depend their lives on tropical rain forests whose extent is almost equivalent to 215 times the city of London in England. The forests in the Land of Papua are the future of the climate of Indonesia and the World, the future of the livelihoods of indigenous peoples. The EcoNusa Foundation encourages sustainable indigenous community-based ecotourism. Real actions together to save forests will help ensure the sustainable livelihoods of indigenous people in the Land of Papua.

Clean Bay Tanjung Bayang Joint Action

The EcoNusa Foundation, Pandu Laut Nusantara and the Marine Conservation Foundation (YKL) held a beach clean-up (BCU) movement at Tanjung Bayang Beach, Makassar, South Sulawesi, on March 15, 2020. This beach clean action succeeded in gathering more than 1.4 tons of waste, especially disposable plastic waste.

Mangrove Expedition (trailer)

Mangrove expedition is carried out as an effort to conserve mangroves, as well as intensive field observations in predetermined areas to get an accurate picture of the local mangroves.

The EcoNusa Foundation together with the West Papua Province Research and Development Center (Balitbangda), the University of Papua (Unipa), and the World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia undertook this trip on 2-17 December 2019, traversing more than 1000 km on the southern coast of West Papua .

"Indonesia has 3.1 million hectares of mangrove areas. This figure is equivalent to 22 percent of mangrove ecosystems throughout the world. The largest mangrove area is in West Papua Province with an area of 482,029 hectares, "Bustar Maitar said.

The Guardian of The Land of Papua

My name is Momotoa. I was born from a matoa tree in the jungle of Land of Papua. Matoa tree is a endemic tree of the Land of Papua

Lots of Textile Waste

When "Facing the Sea 2.0" on the East Coast, Ancol Village, North Jakarta, we found a lot of textile waste. The textile waste is difficult to clean. Clump and blend with the beach sand. It is not imagined if the rubbish goes into the sea. How many organisms suffer from it.

The story of the Twin Lakes in the Arfak Mountains

The EcoNusa team had the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Papua. This time we went to the Arfak Mountains where a twin lake called Anggi Lake is located. What's the story like? Continue to follow our adventure.

Kombai Tribe Hunting Wild Boar

Aside from being a method of foraging, hunting becomes a way of familiarizing oneself among Kombai men, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua Province. The hunting process takes around 3-4 days.

House of Tree's Kombai Tribe

The Kombai tribe, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua Province, lives in a tree house with a height of 50 meters above ground level. In addition to the Kombai tribe, the Korowai tribe and the Citak tribe also inhabit the tree house as their residence.

Burned Stone, Typical Culinary of Papua

To meet their daily food needs, the Kombai tribe used to work on gathering sago. As in the following film, Kombai Tribe burns stones as a medium to make typical Papuan cuisine, which is roasted sago. Watch until it runs out

Sago Caterpillar Party- Maintaining Tradition Caring for the Earth

The Sago Caterpillar Festival, held in 2018, keeps its story separate. The Sago Worm Party is also a routine traditional ritual of the Kombay tribe

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